Town of Creston Proposed Fire Hall Project
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Your answers will help us understand some things that are important to you as a resident when we discuss a potential fire station.  

We are striving that this potential fire hall project will;
• encompass what is important for the community, 
• meet the needs of the community, defined by residents, and
• be designed by the residents

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Let's start with a little about you...

This section provides us an understanding about the demographics providing information.
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Do you own other property that is not your primary residence within the municipality of Creston?

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What is important to you with your local fire services...

We need to ask some questions to understand what you feel is important in how our community is protected and the services that are being provided by your fire department.
{{answer_28091115}}, how would you rate the importance of having fire and rescue services in our community?

1 star is low with 5 stars being the highest importance.

Since you have ranked the importance of having a fire and rescue service as "{{answer_28283661}}/5", what is your opinion of Creston Fire and Rescue Service?

In recent years, the role of the fire service in many communities has expanded far beyond fire suppression.  The name "fire department" doesn't begin to cover the many services that progressive organizations are providing to their communities.  Public safety is the "business" of the modern fire department.

Let's hear what services you find important in the community you live in....

What services other than fire suppression, do you feel is important for  your local fire service to provide?

Select as many as you want.

You selected "other safety" programs as being an important service to be provided, select what types of Community Based Safety Programs you feel important.

Select as many as you like.

{{answer_28091115}}, with the risk of wildfires, which of the following areas do you feel it important to provide increased protection to residents in? *

Choose at least one (or as many as you wish)...

Are there any other services you would like to see your fire department provide that is not listed here already? *

What other services would you consider important for your fire department to provide if not already listed *

Let us hear what other things you would feel important for your local fire department could provide to build improved public safety.
Potential fire hall locations

There are many considerations in deciding the best location for a fire hall, so we would like to know from you what you would consider important in assisting us with the decision making process...
The current Creston Fire Hall is a converted Overwaitea grocery store which has served the Fire Department and the Town of Creston well since 1981. However, not only does the current building not meet British Columbia Building Code post disaster standards, fire code requirements, and other building code compliance,  it no longer meets current programmatic needs of the fire department.

This includes addressing changes in regards to creating a respectful gender neutral environment, housing first line / services ready vehicles and  accommodating the work experience program. All of which keep the people of the community and the fire fighters safe during any type of event.

Nothing is more important than the element of time when an emergency is reported.  Fire growth can expand at a rate of many times its size per minute.  Time is the critical factor for the rescue of occupants and the application of extinguishing agents.

Let's focus on the time element.
Dispatch time is the amount of time it takes to receive and process an emergency call, including notifying the fire department members to respond.

Is it important to maintain or improve this time element? *

1 is not important and 5 is extremely important.

Turn-out time is the amount of time firefighters to respond from their home or workplace to the fire station to take the fire engine to the emergency.  This also includes the time it takes to park personal vehicles in the parking lot, put on personal protective equipment and get into the responding fire truck.

Is it important to maintain or improve this time element? *

1 is not important and 5 is extremely important.

Travel time is the amount of time it takes the fire engine to travel from the fire station to the emergency scene.

Is it important to maintain or improve this time element? *

1 is not important and 5 is extremely important.

Access time is the amount of time required for the firefighters to get from the fire engine when it stops to where the emergency exists, including the top floors of an apartment building.

Is it important to maintain or improve this time element? *

1 is not important and 5 is extremely important.

Set-Up time is the amount of time required for the firefighters to set up, connect hose lines, position ladders, etc. and prepare to extinguish the fire.

Is it important to maintain or improve this time element? *

1 is not important and 5 is extremely important.

{{answer_28091115}} , in your opinion, how important to you is choosing a potential fire hall location that will maintain or improve the fire department's overall response times? *

{{answer_28091115}}, how important to you is it to have a fire station that is centrally located to commercial business and the downtown core of your community?

Map below represents emergency incidents responded to by the fire department in 2009 to 2013

Rank the importance of easy access to a fire station location for volunteer firefighters in responding to emergencies. *

1 is low importance with 5 as high importance.

Rate the importance of having a potential fire hall site large enough to accommodate future growth of the fire hall and programmatic requirements of the fire and rescue service over the next 50 years?

1 star is least important with 5 stars being extremely important.

The next three questions are to help us rank your opinion.

What is the MOST important aspect to you in choosing a site? *

Choose only one that is the most important to you.

What is the SECOND MOST important aspect to you in choosing a site? *

Choose the next most important item in choosing a site.

What is the THIRD MOST important aspect to you in choosing a site? *

Choose the next most important item in choosing a site.

Property selection is the key to ensure continued smooth operation of the fire department;  all properties discussed are only "potential sites" for consideration.  The local government can negotiate purchase of property with the owner.  If a reasonable price cannot be agreed upon, local government has a legal right to expropriate property for the needs of the community, which is based upon a fair market value.

The Town of Creston will engage in purchasing or expropriating the selected property after the referendum when the public approves the building of a new fire hall.

The Town of Creston presented four properties at the fall fair, which are outlined on following slides, but received low favorability on two properties by over 400 residents.

Site 1 - Cedar Street (next to RCMP Detachment)

Why this site?  The site is located within the service area in order to meet required response times. Good access to main arterial road system and is next to the RCMP creating a protective service precinct. This site is currently owned by the Town and is  approximately 2.25 acres including road.

Why not this site?
The site is most effectively used when Cedar Street is closed  The fire hall will be close to the railway lines.  The site has a large number of service easements running through it which limits development and has additional cost implications when building here. Shape of the site is a challenge in terms of quick and easy access to the main road and accommodating drive through bays. This would be improved if Cedar Street is closed.

At the Fall Fair, we received a low favorability by residents on using this location.
Site 2 - Cook Street (next to Extra Foods)

Why this site?  The site is located within the services areas to meet required response times. There is good access to main arterial road system and the site allows for drive though access by Emergency vehicles with a returning road from 16th and exiting on to Cook Street.  This would provide great site flow with less wear and tear on the vehicles over time and is much safer than backing into the hall from the main street. This site is relatively flat making design and construction less complicated and is approximately 2.6 acres which is a great site size allowing for separation of Public and Private keeping both fire fighters and visitors safe.

Why not this site? Exiting on to a relatively busy street, so traffic control would need to be considered as part of the design. The Town of Creston does not own this property.
Site 3 - Northwest Boulevard (north of Ford dealership)

Why this site?  Good access to main arterial road system.  Site is reasonable in size at 1.8 acres.

Why not this site?  Site width is very narrow and extends a long way from the road to the rear of the site.  Site width is narrower than the “typical design width” when one looks for in an ideal site.  This narrowness will create a challenge when trying to accommodate the emergency vehicle apparatus bays, firehall quarters and a return road. Backing into the bays from the street will not be an option as this site fronts onto Hwy 3.  The site is located within the service area but is further north making it more time consuming to reach for volunteers and increasing response times.  Access will likely require Ministry of Highways approval.

At the Fall Fair, this site received extremely low favorability among residents polled.
Site 4 - Vancouver Street (known as "the bunker")

Why this site?  It uses an abandoned site eliminating the existing structure considered an eye sore in the community.   Good location and is not far from current fire hall with good frontage along Vancouver Street for emergency vehicle exiting.   A return road could be from Pine Street allowing for drive through bays and increased fire fighter access.   The property size is reasonable at 1.6 acres.

Why not this site?  Incorporating the existing structure requires additional study and/or demolition of existing structure which is an added cost to the project.   On the current layout it exits onto a side street that then accesses the main arterial road but this is not too different than the current firehall location.   There are some grade issues along western and southern sides of the property.   The Town of Creston does not own this site.

Development options on this site relate completely to evaluation of the existing structure. Post disaster buildings such as a fire hall require specific detailing and have restrictions on the types of construction and the structurally detailing. Option 1: Explore the possibility using of the existing structure for ancillary uses such as Fire hall quarters and/ or office space but not for the apparatus bays. Option 2: Demolish the existing structure entirely and redevelop the site from scratch.
Based on opinions received by residents at the Public Open House held at the Fall Fair on September 9 and 10th, 2016, Sites 1 (Cedar Street) and Site 3 (Northwest Blvd) were not favoured by the vast majority, so we will now focus on the remaining two viable options.

If you were to choose a fire station site, based on what you know about our community, the property locations and access for the volunteer firefighters, which site do you feel best addresses these issues?

More about this potential project

This is a community project that needs your input.  We would like to know what other feelings you have about what options we should be considering as we work through this process.
The following questions are to help us get a sense of your opinion in relation to other options for us to consider as we develop the proposed project.

The existing fire station was built in the mid-1950s as an Overwaitea grocery store, and converted to a fire hall in 1982.  Since then, many things have changed in our community, in the fire service and in regulations.
Early in this process it was determined that the existing fire hall property is not large enough to accommodate a newer (or renovated) fire hall to meet the present programmatic space requirements of the fire and rescue service.

If a new fire hall is approved by referendum, what should we do with the old building and property?

There are many options to consider, for example; sell the building, use it for a Farmer's Market, Community Theatre, Search and Rescue, Youth Centre, Art Gallery, etc.  There are endless possibilities to explore. 

Below the picture type in your thoughts of what you believe would be a good use for the old fire hall.
When considering a potential fire station, what other options would you like to see investigated as part of this project?

Okay, so you chose "Co-location - Other", what other type of sharing of the building do you think could be done for us to investigate?

Co-location refers to sharing the building with something else, which could be anything from low cost housing, to a library or anything else that could provide an additional value when considering a potential fire station in the community.
{{answer_28091115}}, what is your opinion of "community use" space within a proposed fire station?

"Community Use" space could be utilizing space such as a meeting room or other room within a proposed new fire station for other community groups, such as Air Cadet programs, or Scouts, Girl Guides, etc.  This would typically be a room that already would exist in the building.
Regarding the potential fire hall property sizes, how important to you is it to have a public outdoor space incorporated within site, such as a small park, gathering place or park benches?

Below is  photo of a public gathering space outside Central Saanich Fire Hall built a few years ago.
As you rated the previous question {{answer_28302217}}, you feel this is an important component to the site design, what uses would you most like to see? 

Do you have any specific expectations for this project?

We want to consider all of your thoughts and provide you with opportunities to express your opinion on a potential fire hall to be determined at a referendum in the fall of 2017.
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Okay, last question!  Where are you most likely to look up information on upcoming meetings or information regarding decisions on a potential fire station? *

Thank you very much for your input into the important community decision regarding a potential fire station.
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